: There have been ALL TYPES OF RUMORS going around about how and why rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized yesterday. First off, MediaTakeOut.com has been in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION with our Young Money insiders all night - and we can tell you FOR A FACT that Lil Wayne is in good condition as of this morning. #FACT#

MediaTakeOut.com can confirm that Weezy was RUSHED to Cedars Sinai hospital yesterday evening - in very SERIOUS CONDITION. And at SOME POINT during the night - his condition was GRAVE.

But Lil Wayne appears to be doing MUCH BETTER now that his stomach was pumped, and foreign substances and chemicals were removed from his stomach.

So what happened to Weezy? Well MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY spoke with a person IN THE KNOW IN THE YOUNG MONEY CAMP - who tells us that Weezy drank some 'BOOTLEG' syrup that he got from a friend. The concoction that Lil Wayne drank contained both promethazine and codeine, as well as a number of other prescription drugs purchased over the internet. It also contained what doctors believe is ANTI-FREEZE (used to increase the potency of the lean).

It's not clear whether Wayne suffered an accidental OVERDOSE because of the potency of the concoction - or whether the medicines (obtained over the internet) were somehow corrupted - or whether there was a foreign POISON in the concoction. But whatever it was - it nearly KILLED the greatest rapper in the WORLD.

Either way, Lil Wayne is LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. And we're all happy that he seems to be recovering. His family is with him, or on route to being with him now and we're told to expect "a video" from Weezy thanking fans for their prayers today.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. People do NOT drink any BOOTLEG lean. It's becoming REAL POPULAR in the streets, but it is DANGEROUS. The drugs used to make it are sometimes FAKE and often DANGEROUS. If you must DRINK LEAN . . . make sure that you drink it from a prescription bottle that was obtained in the United States.


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