: Fantasia wore a very UNFLATTERING t-shirt when she went to visit South Florida's 99 JAMZ radio station. And Keyshia Cole, never to hold her tongue, made sure to let people know that SHE SAW THE FANNIE'S RATCHET OUTFIT.

In Keyshia's defense, Fannie has been KNOWN to talk sideways about Keyshia. Here is what one MTOer said happened a few years back:

I saw Fantasia on Saturday at the Oak Hollow Mall in North Carolina. She was really friendly and signed autographs for me and my little sister.

But something strange happened. After my sister got the autograph, [my sister's] told Fantasia that she and Keyshia Cole were [my sister's] favorite singers. Fantasia looked a little upset and just broke into song and sang a verse I've never heard before. I can't lie it sounded real good too.

Then Fantasia said, "Could Keyshia Cole do that." My sister was like "No." And Fantasia said, "She wishes she could do that."

To me it was kind of tacky for Fantasia to say that. But I like Fantasia better so - oh well.


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