: MediaTakeOut.com has just learned that AT LEAST ONE CLOSE family member of rapper Lil Wayne suspects that his latest hospital stay was not a result of a drug overdose - as has been reported . . . but was rather the result of him being POISONED!!!

A Young Money insider, who asked to remain anonymous tells us, "It wasn't an overdose, there was something in his [syrup]." The insider tells us that Lil Wayne's family members are urging Weezy to get LAW ENFORCEMENT conduct a full on investigation. But we're told that Wayne so far does NOT want to get th epolice involved.

Right now, we're told that Lil Wayne is having an INDEPENDENT SECURITY FIRM conduct a thorough analysis f everything - including the CONTENTS OF HIS STOMACH. And if they find ANY EVIDENCE OF POISONING - they're turning in the evidence to the police.

And while we CAN NOT SAY who the family members suspects did the poisoning - we're told that the suspect is a FEMALE.


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