MTO SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Jay Z Goes On Instagram . . . And BLASTS Beyonce’s Number One Enemy . . . KERI HILSON!!! (Jigga And Bey Are On Some MAFIA ISH)

: If you've EVER crossed either Jay Z or Beyonce . . . and you're an entertainer . . . WATCH OUT. Yesterday reported that Beyonce was THROWING SHADE at Keyshia Cole . . . now it's her HUSBAND'S TURN.

Look at what was posted on Jay Z's OFFICIAL Instagram page, which is linked to Jigga's website It gave us some insight onto the 'NEW" Beyonce.

Jigga not only through EXTRA SHADE at Keri Hison, but he said that Bey has been "too humble" in the past. And that the "NEW" Beyonce will NOT.


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