KARDASHIAN PATERNITY SCANDAL!! They’re Saying That Little MASON Is Not Scott’s Kid . . . Kourtney Let Some Other Dude SMASH!!!

: Here is what In Touch is reporting:

“We started kissing, making out and touching each other. We were fooling around on the couch for a little while before I took her to the bedroom,” Michael tells In Touch of his alleged March 2009 fling with Kourtney, when she told him she was on a break from her boyfriend, Scott Disick. Then, he says, they headed to his room: “I slipped her clothes off. She helped me undress, and we fell into bed.”

Nine months later, on Dec. 14, 2009, Kourtney gave birth to baby Mason. She was back together with Scott —her longtime boyfriend and the publicly acknowledged father of her children, but Michael firmly believes the 3-year-old could be his son. “After he was born and I saw photos of him,” the 26-year-old tells In Touch, “I began to wonder.”

Michael claims the two communicated by BlackBerry Messenger, but says that after they were intimate during their third hangout at his Glendale, Calif., apartment, Kourtney went silent despite his attempts to reach her.

Kourtney acknowledges working with Michael at the shoot — but the rest, says her attorney, is fiction. “They did not exchange contact information. Since the August 20, 2008, on-set photo shoot, Kourtney never spoke with him, saw him nor met him again. Kourtney has never been alone with him, and Kourtney certainly has never physically/intimately been with Mr. Girgenti,” says her lawyer, who calls Michael’s suggestion that he could be Mason’s father “preposterous and an outrageous lie.”


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