MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 20 Year Old YMCMB Rapper Takes Kim Kardashian’s 15 Year Old Sister . . . On A ‘DATE’ . . . Then Hangs Out And SMOKES WEED!!!

: Kim Kardashian's mama better STEP IN and start REGULATING the company that 15 year old Kylie Jenner is keeping. learned that 2 nights ago, Kylie and a 15 year old GF of hers were 'HANGING OUT' with rapper Lil Twist and one of his boys.

The foursome went to dinner together, and kicked it. At one point in the evening - Twist took a pic of Kylie's finger and sent it out - describing the UNDERAGE KARDASHIAN as "sexy."

But that's not all. After dinner - the foursome went o the STUDIO with twist, where he IMMEDIATELY sparked up a blunt. And according to Twist, the blunt was SO STRONG - it got "everyone" in the room high.

SMH . . .


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