: MediaTakeOut.com is the NUMBER ONE source of urban and African American news in the world. Our staff consists of men and women, gay and straight. And while we may play around with SLANG in our writing, don't get it TWISTED - we have the UTMOST RESPECT for all people, regardless of their sexuality.

But we are also a NEWS organization. Every day we, and other entertainment news organizations, report on the dating and personal lives of heterosexual celebrities. Sometimes those same heterosexual celebrities would rather that we DIDN'T report on their personal lives. But that is what entertainment news reporting is all about.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHAMEFUL about being LGBT. It's not an "insult" to speculate whether a person is engaged in a homosexual relationship. For years, news organizations would PRETEND that homosexual relationships did NOT EXIST amongst celebrities. They pretended that there were NO professional athletes who were gay. They pretended that NO entertainers could POSSIBLY be gay. And those same organizations, by NEGLECTING TO REPORT THE TRUTH, helped to promote homophobia throughout society.

But that was the OLD way of doing things . . . and that was the OLD media. We're in a new era. MediaTakeOut.com as a policy, reports on all celebrities personal lives, regardless of their sexual orientation.

And now, without further ado, on to today's EXCLUSIVE news report.

Last week MediaTakeOut.com showed you photographs of NFL star Kerry Rhodes and his former assistant on vacation. After we released our pics, Kerry released a statement saying that he was "NOT GAY" and that the man in the photos was his "ASSISTANT."

Well far be it for US to question how NFL superstar Kerry Rhodes' CHARACTERIZES his own sexuality. But the relationship between him and his "assistant" - an openly gay man that goes by the name "Hollywood" - seems to be a little more than just professional.


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