: Coolio's BM reached out to us and wanted to tell HER SIDE of the story - and she provided us with PICS as proof of the beating she suffered:

Anabella Belleza is an Argentinian born D.J. Model & fashion designer. She was married to Coolio for four years but forced to divorce . . . the rapper. Where in which she moved back to her birth country to raise her son.

After much pleading by the rapper she agreed to move back to the U.S. so that her son could grow up with his father in his life. She had moved back only a few months before the altercation broke out Monday leaving her with a broken ankle, Tire tread marks across her arm. A hole in her mouth as well as bruises across her body after being hit and run over with his truck. "It is a miracle my entire leg did not break he stopped the car with my leg under the truck tire. I just wanted my baby."

Dang Coolio . . . putting hands on her wasn't enough . . . you had to RUN HER OVER . . . was it THAT SERIOUS???


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