MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DRAMA Popped Off The Other Night . . . When Rick Ross And Young Jeezy Were In The CLUB Together!!!

: The last time that Jeezy and Ross were in the building together was the BET HIP HOP AWARDS - and the two turn't up and had to have police called.

So when BOTH Jeezy and his crew and Rick Ross and his crew hit up NY's hottest club Greenhouse last week after the NFL Draft - everyone thought it was gonna be a PROBLEM!!!

Tells an MTO insider, "Rick Ross, Wale, Busta Rhymes and DJ Khaled (all came together) and their crews [were seated] in the VIP and Jeezy and his people were on the floor near the DJ booth."

Luckily the club's DJ Scram Jones had to be the "pacifier," playing neutral music all night that kept both parties happy. The insider added, "BOTH parties were asking Scram to play different songs and Scram felt immense pressure to appease them both. So he played Jeezy tracks and Rick Ross tracks back and fourth since Khaled wanted to hear his records and then the second Jeezy left, he played BMF."


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