IT’S GOING DOWN!!! Joseline From LOVE AND HIP HOP . . . Got Into a FIST FIGHT Last Night . . . With Another REALITY STAR!!! (Pics And FIND OUT WHO WON Inside)

: Here is a report, from an MTOer on the ground last night - At Club 83 in Chicago, where Bobby V and Joseline held an ALL WHITE PARTY. And it went DOWN!!

Judi from OXYGENS Bad Girls Club and Joseline from LHHATL gets into argument and Joseline attacks Judi.

After the White party Judi meets Bobby V at the hotel . . . .while in the lobby Joseline walks down [looking] mad ass hell.

Judi being her, trys to ask her whats wrong - but [Joseline] gives her the cold shoulder. After that, Judi goes on her rant [about] how she verified on twitter, [and has] 3 shows [on tv] etc. [Then she] calls joseline a stuck up b*tch and tells her she ain't Beyonce. Right after judi yells "you got the maid outfit on" [and] Joseline jumps up and tries to attack Judi by grabing her shirt. Her security breaks up the fight and hotel security is called.


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