: MediaTakeOut.com has some BREAKING NEWS - last night at Prive Nightclub in Atlanta a man BRUTALLY ATTACKED rapper Ludacris. The man walked up to Luda, who was surrounded by security . . .. and BUSSED THE rapper/actor in the head with a Louis XIV bottle.

Word is that Luda owed a man some money over beats . . . and dude decided to CONFRONT LUDA in the club about it. But he actually ain't confront anyone - he just BUSSED LUDA WITH A BOTTLE.

To Luda's credit, he took the head crack very well. He retained consciousness and turned and fought the dude off, landing a number of PUNCHES AND KICKS to the man. His security was there too, to make sure that Luda's assailant got the proper HANDLING - they put hands, feet, knees, bows, and ER'RYTHING ELSE on dude.

No word on whether Luda was seriously injured by the attack.


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