: We are absolutely DISGUSTED with the way that the media has been portraying the Trayvon Martin case. The right wing RACISTS in the press are trying to PRETEND like there are "two sides to the story". There are only ONE set of facts and they point to Zimmerman being a COLD BLOODED KILLER.


1- Trayvon Martin was out on a COLD RAINY NIGHT on February 26th - he was wearing the HOOD on his sweatshirt not because he's a THUG as FOX NEWS would have you believe . . . but because it was RAINING!!

2 - George Zimmerman CONFRONTED Trayvon Martin after the teenage boy tried to get away. Under Florida law you CAN NOT claim self defense if you CAUSE A PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION. Any action you take AFTER you initiate a confrontation can not be considered self defense BY LAW.

3 - Trayvon had the LEGAL RIGHT UNDER FLORIDA LAW to defend himself against George Zimmerman who confronted and accosted him in the middle of the night.

The media has been making JOKES about this case, and SLANDERING THE NAME of an innocent Black boy. You should all take a look at the below pics of the Young man GUNNED DOWN before he reached the prime of his life.

And the next time FOX NEWS or any of these BS media people try and PRETEND that there are TWO sides to the case . . . remind them of the FACTS!!!


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