By The Looks Of 50 Cent’s BABYS MOTHER TWITTER ACCOUNT . . . It Looks Like SHE LEAKED Those Text Messages!!! (Details)

: You know how they say that a woman scorned is just WAITNG IN THE WINDS to get her revenge. Well those text messages of 50 cent BLASTING HIS SON hit the net today. And his BM Sheniqua took to Twitter - retweeting quotes about REVENGE, BAD FATHERS, etc.

Sheniqua can not LEGALLY talk about her relationship with 50 - he had her sign over the RIGHTS TO TALK ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP years ago. But she can "leak" and "subtweet"

Radaronline claims that they obtained those text messages from an "anonymous source" who had access to Marquis phone . . . SMH.


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