: The Love And Hip Hop cast is now TWO MEMBERS short. According to a TOP MTO SNITCH who worked on the Love And Hip Hop reunion show, filmed yesterday in New York - Scrappy and Erica were FIRED from the show.

What happened? Well it's NOT CLEAR, but we're told that the couple was REFUSING to participate in the SHENANIGANS that were occurring on stage - and TRUST there was PLENTY OF F*CKERY occurring on that stage.

At a commercial break, a producer spoke to Scrappy and Erica and asked them to "liven it up" and complained that hey were "being boring." Well Scrappy and Erica started acting up . . . TOWARDS THE PRODUCERS. The couple got REAL OUT OF POCKET towards the TOP people behind the TOP RATED VH1 show.

And after a few minutes, Scrappy and Erica were asked to LEAVE THE SET. They were told that they're services were NO LONGER NEEDED . . . and that they're basically FIRED FROM THE SHOW.

Developing . . .


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