IT’S GOING DOWN!!! Floyd Money Mayweather’s SPLIT From His Fiance GETS REAL MESSY . . . Floyd Is Threatening To SELL HER ISH On Ebay!!! (Ain’t He Supposed To Be PREPARING For A Fight)

: just got some EXPLOSIVE new information between Floyd MONEY Mayweather and his fiance MISS JACKSON . . . the split is getting REAL MESSY.

Floyd is supposed to be preparing for the BIGGEST FIGHT OF HIS LIFE, against Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez. But instead . . . he's dealing with WOMEN ISSUES. reported to you months ago that the GREATEST BOXER IN THE WORLD had separated from his fiance, Chantel Jackson. You see, Chantel was abusing the privileges (and the $$) of the being the CHAMP'S chick - by excessively using his private jet to fly to Los Angeles.

Anyways, the split seemed to be going along very SEAMLESSLY . . . until Chantel threw a party THIS WEEKEND, and flirted with a number of men at the event, including AKON.

Floyd must feel SOME KIND OF WAY about her moving on with her life . . . because yesterday he announced that he's going to be SELLING ALL HER ISH (which he undoubtedly bought her) on Ebay.

Now y'all ALREADY KNOW that Money May is a friend to MTO, so we're riding with FLOYD AND HIS SHENANIGANS. But hopefully he gets all this out his system fast - cause he's got a MAJOR FIGHT coming up.


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