MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna’s NO LONGER DATING MEN . . . She Now Dating A WOMAN!! (Pics Of Rih . . . Kissing Her New GIRLFRIEND)

: All the BALLERS that are trying to DATE Rihanna are gonna be OUT OF LUCK. just got some VERY INTERESTING EXCLUSIVE NEWS.

According to TWO SEPARATE snitches, Rihanna was spotted at club SPACE in Miami "making out" with celebrity IT GIRL Debby Coda. Apparently Rihanna rented out the space for a party for one of her employees. Rihanna got TURN'T UP ON SOMETHING . . . and started making out with Debby. Tells one insider, "They were all over each other, I didn't know Rihanna was into girls."

And it looked serious too. As the below photos show, the two left the club after an AFTERNOON OF PARTYING holding hands - and into Rihanna's waiting SUV.

We always KNEW that Rihanna was into girls . . .


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