: Remember when we told y'all that Khloe and Lamar were A WRAP. And when Kris Jenner came out and said that we were WRONG - and that the two were HAPPILY MARRIED.

Well when y'all see Kris can you ask her WHY IS LAMAR PACKING UP HIS ISH and putting it in his car???

Well here is how the paps describe what is in the photos:

Lamar Odom meets with a buddy this afternoon at a Shell station and takes a short ride around town to think about the infidelity rumors with Jennifer Richardson targeted towards him. Lamar had Khloe's best friend Malika, meet him to grab his keys and drop off his car at a Vons market while he finished his drive with his friend.

After his deep conversation with his buddy, they picked up Lamar's car in the parking lot of Vons, where multiple pieces of luggage where transferred from the SUV to Lamar's Mercedes.


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