: Beyonce's childhood boyfriend Lyndall Locke is speaking up and admitting that he may be the DUMBEST MAN ON THE PLANET. You see, he dated Bey for NINE YEARS - but she broke up with him after she learned that he cheated on her.

What happened? Well Beyonce was raised in a STRONG CHRISTIAN HOUSEHOLD. She believed that you should WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE before you have sex. Lyndell couldn't wait - and got a side piece, when bey was 19 years old.

Lyndell was quoted as telling the UK magazine THE SUN, "Beyonce was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. . . and she’d still be mine if I’d not cheated on her "

Bey broke it off with Lyndell, and began dating a number of celebrity men including Pharrell, Sean Paul, Marquez Houston, and Kobe Bryant. Eventually Bey started dating Jay, and the rest is history.

We'd bet that Jay didn't have to wait no nine years for the drawers . . . neither did Pharrell, Sean Paul, Marquez, or any of her other boyfriends.


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