: Miley Cyrus is following the J Lo/Kim Kardashian guide on how to become SUPER FAMOUS. First step is to be RATCHET, and the second step - is to start dating a BROTHER.

Miley is officially onto STEP TWO according to this week's issue of Star Magazine. According to them:

Miley Cyrus raised eyebrows [at the VMAs] for her choice of date. With ex-fiance Liam Helmsworth nowhere in sight, Miley cozied up to her music producer Mike Will.Made.It, and Star learned it's because she's hooking up with him. . . .

After first beign intoriduced in Fevruary to work on Mileys fourth album, Bangerz, the 20-year-old singer and Mile, 24, who has produced songs for stars like Rihanna and Jay Z, have grown close after long hours spent n the studio, with no attempts to cover up their budding romance. "Everyone knows they're hooking up," reveals an insider.


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