: MediaTakeOut.com received word that rapper LIL BOOSIE'S babys mother is writing a tell-all book about her famous former BF. But now we got word that she may have inadvertently said TOO MUCH about Boosie's ALLEGED his criminal ways in the book. And we're told that Boosie, who is set to be released ANY DAY NOW . . . may be locked up FOR LIFE if the prosecution gets their hands on the book. Here's what our insider tells us:

Lil Boosie Hatch Drug Smuggling Baby Momma Nita writes a tell all book called "When the music stops." Shes telling about the murders he got away with......the drug deals.....her taking drugs into the prison to him...every secret he thought he had!!!

He may not get out of jail if Baton Rouge, La. District Attorney Hillar Moore gets this book before he's released!!

And get this . . . Nita and Boosie are still together too!!

That being said . . . we're buying the book!!!


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