MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE; TLC Star Chilli FINALLY GOT A MAN . . . He’s A POPULAR SINGER . . . And He’s MUCH YOUNGER Than Her!!! (Pics And Details)

: We're still getting over the TLC Biopic that came on the other night . . . it was GOOD, but we want to hear Pebbles side of things. Cause they made her look so bad - we gotta wonder if there was some FICTION in the story.

Well enough about that, just got a worldwide exclusive . . . Chilli is DATING NeYo. This ain't no rumor . . . it's FACT. was IN THE HOUSE at the premiere party last week . .. and we thought the two looked VERY FRIENDLY.

This morning - we got CONFIRMATION from an industry insider who tells us, "They're dating, and they're serious."

That's a good look for Chili . .. and Neyo. CONGRATS GUYS!!


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