: Well, it's now OFFICIAL. Drake and Rihanna are officially a couple . .. and this ain't RUMOR y'all . . . it's FACT!!

Drake's tour had a stop in Dallas on Saturday night, and after the concert, everyone was supposed to hop on a plane to prepare for their San Antonio concert (which will be tonight). Everyone left . . . except Drake who stayed in Dallas all the way until NOW. Actually as of THIS MORNING dude is in Dallas.

Why did he stay - well because Rihanna's concert had a stop off in Dallas yesterday. And Drake was DYING to spend some time with his new girlfriend. Yes, you heard that right - Drake and Rih are a couple.

Drake attended her concert last night, afterwards the two went out for dinner. Then the pair retired to Rihanna's hotel . . . where they spent the night together.

And just like that . . . there is a new HOTTEST COUPLE IN HIP HOP!!!


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