: The new season of Atlanta Housewives is casting Kandi's mother, Mama Joyce, as some crazy overprotective mother . . . but she has REASON to be overprotective of her daughter. You see, when Todd FIRST got with Kandi . . . he was calling her a "trick" and telling people that he was "only with her" to get into the Atlanta Inner Circle.

All you regular MTOers will remember that we BROKE THE STORY about how Kandi STOLE Todd from his longtime GF Mela. Well at the time, Mela took to Facebook to explain how SHOCKED she was that Todd chose Kandi - after all the SH*T HE WAS TALKING ABOUT HER behind her back.

Now who knows, he may have learned to LOVE KANDI authentically . . . but at least according to Todd's ex . . . in the beginning Todd was ALL ABOUT KANDI'S PAPER!!!

We think all of y'all owe Mama Joyce a big APOLOGY . . .


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