: MediaTakeout.com just got word that Chris Brown's GIRLFRIEND Karrueche got into a PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION with one of Chris' jumpoffs.

According to an insider, a Miami model named "Toya" did an interview with the website PlayersHQ.net. During the interview, Toya ADMITTED to f*cking Chris on multiple occasions. Well Karrueche felt SOME TYPE OF WAY about it . . . and so when the two SAW EACH OTHER last night - Karrueche was ready TO FIGHT.

No word yet of WHO WON . . . but we're working on getting pics of the MELEE.

For those interested, here is the interview that started the fight:

Playboy Jones: Have you ever met any celebrities ?

Toya: Yes. I have a met a celebrity.

Playboy Jones: Who?

Toya: It was Chris Breezy.

Playboy Jones: How did you meet Chris Brown?

Toya: I met him in L.A. at the club. He seen me, then he put me to the side and said he wanted to talk to me.

Playboy Jones: Which club?

Toya: The Exchange club in L.A.

Playboy Jones: Oh really! Wow, did you speak to him or touch him ?

Toya: Yea, more than that!

Playboy Jones: Really? Do tell, do tell… lol

Toya: Yea really. Me and Chris f#@!$* 2 times and we dated for a minute.

Playboy Jones: Really? Woow.

Toya: Yea he is really nice, yes.

Playboy Jones: Damn, that’s cool lol. So was he what you expected
 sexually lol?

Toya: I mean yea.

Playboy Jones: Did he put it down?

Toya: Yes he did.

Playboy Jones: Or did you put it on him ? Lol

Toya: He put me down.


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