: According to the streets, AKA Twitter,Beyonce is talking about SQUIRTING in her song Rocket. Squirting is when a woman reached climax . . . and liquid POURS OUTTA HER VAGINA.

Apparently if a man HITS IT PROPERLY this can happen. We did an unofficial poll at the MTO offices, and apparently NONE OF US has ever been hit properly (LOL). But we're open to TRYING . . . August Alsina . . . call a chick!!!

Anyways, here are the lyrics to the song's hook:

So rock right up to

The side of my mountain

Climb until you reach my peak babe, the peak, the peak

And reach right into the bottom of my fountain

I wanna play in your deep baby, your deep baby, deep

Then dip me under where you can feel my river flow and flow

Hold me 'til I scream for air to breathe

And wash me over until my well runs dry

Send all your sins all over me babe, over me

We really don't want to picture Jay and Bey doing anything sexual. . . .


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