IT’S GOING DOWN!!! Rihanna Starts YELLING . . . Threatens To BEAT UP SOME LATINA CHICK . . Inside A NYC CLUB . . . And We GOT IT ON TAPE!!! (Rih Is ABOUT DAT LIFE)

: Rihanna was at the PINK ELEPHANT nightclub on Thursday - and she got into it with a girl while walking up the steps. The girl - started talking RECKLESS and Rihanna told her - 'Ima be here next SUNDAY b*tch' . . . letting her know that if she wanted to talk sh*t . . . Rih was happy to SCHEDULE HER AZZ WHOPPING.

The girl came up the steps behind her STILL TALKING . . . mostly in Spanish.

What do y'all think is Rihanna really BOUT DAT LIFE????


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