: MediaTakeout.com just got word of some SEASONS BEATINGS that took place in Atlanta at a Christmas Eve CHARITY CONCERT in Atlanta.

Now first off, we gotta say PROPS to rapper 2 Chainz - who put together the concert which brought in THOUSANDS OF TOYS for children in need. It was a CLASSY and very WELL THOUGHT OUT EVENT, that unfortunately got Interrupted by FOOLISHNESS.

It really wasn't no need for anyone to be fighting . . . but you know how WE DO SOMETIMES.

Anyways, here is what popped off, according to a MediaTakeOut.com snitch that was caught up in the melee. August Alsina was scheduled to perform, but he was not allowed access to the stage by Rich Homie Quan's security while Rich Homie was performing. So ALLEGEDLY August "felt some type of way" about it and waited for Rich backstage when the performance was over.

August Alsina then proceeded to confront and then PUT HIS FISTS on two members of Rich Homie Quan's team, a security guard and the DJ, DJ Keem. And August DEFINITELY got them hands cause we're told that HE PUT SOMEBODY TO SLEEP . . .

To Rich Homie Quan's CREDIT, he was trying to get to August Alsina and return the favor - by putting hands and feet on him, but Quan's security held him back and wouldn't let him into the MELEE.

And so who is to BLAME FOR IT ALL???? We're told that EVERYONE is upset with Rich Homie Quan and his people . . . whom they think started the mess.

Folks were so MAD that they called up MediaTakeOut.com on Christmas morning, and asked us to REMOVE ALL PICS of Rich Homie Quan from the OUR ARTICLE on the event yesterday.

This report ain't about rumors . . . it's 100% FACTS.


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