: Ever since MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY BROKE THE NEWS that NBA star Dwyane Wade fathered a "SECRET SON" . . . the whole world has been wondering - who is the woman.

Well first off we have to say that Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are still one of our FAVE COUPLES. The two of them were NOT MARRIED when this child came about. And while it is EMBARRASSING for them both - we're told that this DRAMA actually brought them CLOSER. Who knows, maybe they wouldn't even be GETTING MARRIED if there wasn't for this child.

Now onto the child's mother - she is NOT some "Miami GROUPIE" or "JUMPOFF" like she is being portrayed elsewhere. She is a woman who had a relationship (albeit casual) with one of the hottest men ON THE PLANET. And she got pregnant . . . it happened. She has her own career, and her own life . . . and from what we are told she and Dwyane are working AMICABLY to make sure that their son is taken care of properly.

Look y'all . . . THINGS HAPPEN in life. And while this is all very SCANDALOUS . . . it doesn't change the fact that we LOVE D WADE AND GABBY . . . and that the new boy and his mom should not be CHARACTERIZED in any kind of NEGATIVE manner.

This report contains 100% FACTS!!!


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