: This week, Bravo will introduce the NEWEST castmembers on the show - 1980s R&B singer Christopher Williams, and his wife Natalie.

The pair are set to start causing DRAMA because we're told that Natalie KNEW Kandi's BF Todd from back in the day . . . and she has HER OPINION of dude.

But here's the interesting part. According to a TOP MTO SNITCH, we're told that Christopher and Natalie are NOT married . . . and NOT EVEN IN A RELATIONSHIP. According to our snitch, the two have a SON together . . . but have not been in a relationship for many years.

The insider explained, "Both Natalie and Chris thought it would be a good career move to go on the Housewives and get exposure. So they pretended to be married."

SMH . . .


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