MTO SHOCK REPORT: Top Hip Hop Couple Is In ‘VERY ABUSIVE’ Relationship . . . Rapper Reportedly ROUTINELY Beat Up His R&B Singer Girlfriend!!!

: reported about a very BIG NAME celebrity couple getting back together . . . well we're told that many in the entertainment industry are NOT AT ALL happy about it.

You see, according to a TOP entertainment insider the rapper used to BEAT UP his R&B singer love . . . and that's part of the reason that the two SPLIT UP. The insider explained, "[Rapper] used to put his hands on [R&B singer] and she's got a mouth on her - so she would start a lot of the confrontation. Those two are just NO GOOD for each other. He is an abuser, and she has a very bad temper too. You'd never know it just by seeing her."

Wow . . . and we were rooting for these two to get back together. Now we see that it's FOOLISH for them to do so . . .


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