Now That Rapper J Cole Is Engaged . . . He Has His SECURITY Enforce A New Policy . . . . ‘NO HEAUX IN V.I.P.’!!! (Is He Going OVERBOARD . . . Or Is It Appropriate)

: J Cole might have SLIPPED UP a couple of months back . . . when his side piece went on Twitter to BLAST HIM. But now that rapper J Cole is ENGAGED . . . hes' not taking any chances. According to the NY Post's Page Six - J Cole has a new NO HEAUX IN V.I.P. policy - so as not to disrespect his new fiance.

Here is their report:

Kendrick Lamar took part of a “boys only’’ birthday celebration for fellow rapper J. Cole at Gilded Lily in Chelsea Wednesday night.

Spies tell us the hip-hop artists hung out in the back of the bar, ignoring all of the women around them. “Security was stopping people from going over to them — especially girls,” we’re told. “They kept to themselves and didn’t pay any attention to the girls that were trying to get to them.”

Lamar later got on the microphone and wished Cole a happy birthday.


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