MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: It’s GOING DOWN . . . Serena Williams ‘CONFRONTED’ Rihanna Backstage At Drake’s Concert!! (CHILE . . . . They Fighting Over THE D*CK)

: It nearly WENT DOWN backstage on Monday night at Drake's PARIS CONCERT - between RIHANNA and SERENA WILLIAMS.

According to a ROCK SOLID SNITCH, Drake invited both Rihanna and Serena to the concert, and told BOTH GIRLS that he wanted to hang out with them afterwards. Drake has a FRIENDS-WITH-BENEFITS relationship with both chicks.

Well anyways, ALLEGEDLY when Serena noticed that Rihanna was backstage, she walked over and 'CONFRONTED' Rihanna. Word is that words were exchanged, but nothing PHYSICAL happened. Actually, we're told that Rihanna's security was ON HAND to stop anything.

And afterwards DRAKE made his decision on who he wanted to LEAVE WITH. According to reports, Drake left the concert WITH RIHANNA, and attended the popular CLUB 79. Serena, we're told, was NOT INVITED.

That's f*cked up Drake . . . why invite her then????


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