MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: It’s Official . . . Drake And Rihanna ARE DATING . . . And We Got The PICS TO PROVE IT!!! (Plus RECEIPTS)

: can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that Rihanna nd Drake are dating . . . and at least as far as RIHANNA IS CONCERNED - it's pretty serious. This is not rumor y'all . . . we're reporting #FACTS#

According to our TOP SNITCH in Rihanna's camp, Rih has been slowly but surely FALLING IN LOVE with Drake. A person close to Rhanna told, "Robyn [Rihanna] knows that Drake is a player. He likes to tell girls what they want to hear, so she's been trying not to let him get too close." Rih's gal pal continues, "But he's slowly worn down her defenses, she's in love."

How in love? Well Rihanna cut her BIRTHDAY WEEK PLANS short - to fly to Paris to be with her new BAE. The two have been spotted ALL OER Paris together. First at Drake's concerts on Sunday and Monday, then at a club last night.


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