MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Someone Is SELLING . . . A Diddy And Cassie SEXTAPE!! (We Saw Diddy’s ASHY D*CK . . . With Our Own Eyes)

: Rap mogul Diddy and his GF Cassie have a PROBLEM on their hands . . . . some EXTREMELY EXPLICIT images of him and Cassie DOING THE DO are being offered up for sale by a group of men.

We were skeptical about the images, so we asked for a smale to view. was sent an image of Diddy fully ERECT, and Cassie with her legs spread open, and waiting to get the D*CK.

We had our resident experts EXAMINE THE PHOTO and determined that they it was in fact REAL.

But Diddy may be even more embarrassed about the photo than Cassie. Cause Diddy's jank was very ASHEN looking . . . it must been COLD AND DRY wherever they were freaking. LOL.


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