: Last night may have been the BEST EPISODE of the Atlanta Housewives all season . . . but the end of it was the BEST PART!!

It all culminated with an argument between NeNe's husband GREG and Cynthia's husband Peter. Greg was upset that Peter got all up i NeNe's face a couple of episodes ago . . . so Greg challenged Peter to "Showdown". LOL.

It was kind of funny when we originally watched it last night . . . but then we got a TIP, that had us FLOORED. According to a Bravo insider, Greg had what was believed to be a STRAIGHT RAZOR IN HIS POCKET. And he was prepared to PULL IT OUT AND SLICE PETER THE F*CK UP . . . if he turn't up too much.

And yes, we a receipt. Look carefully at the below screenshots, you'll see that Greg keeps sticking his hand in his POCKET . . . while the two are arguing.


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