: MediaTakeOut.om learned that Kanye West just purchased a new house . . . it's a small-ish house in Manhattan beach . . . about 20 miles from the home that he and his BABYS MAMA are building.

Yeezy set up a special company called TROPICAL OPACITY to shield his identity from the purpose.

So why would Kanye need a second house? Well before we answer that, let's describe Kanye's new house. The home is about 1600 square feet, has 2+ bedrooms and 2 baths. And has a garage in the townhouse so you can SECRETLY pull in without anyone seeing you. Oh, and just in case you want to CLANDESTINELY leave the dwelling, the entrance is in the BACK of the home, away from the street.

Sounds like a perfect SIDE CHICK STASH HOUSE TO US!!!


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