MTO SHOCK REPORT: It’s GOING DOWN . . . Tamar Braxton Is ALL IN HER FEELINGS On Twitter . . . Claiming Husband Vince’s ALLEGEDLY Cheating With Her FRIEND!!! (She’s GOING IN Y’all)

: So there are RUMORS going around that TAMAR BRAXTON is having problems with her MARRIAGE to Vince Herbert. According to the STREETS . . . Tamar suspects that Vince had an INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIP with one of her girlfriends.

Yes . . . BIG FAT VINCE.

Anyways, Tamar is ALL IN HER FEELINGS about it . . . and on Twitter BLACKING OUT over it. She's tweeting about SIDE CHICKS, and how you CAN'T LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS around your HUSBAND . . . it's really kinda sad.


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