MTO WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: There’s An OFF-SCREEN Love Connection . . . Guess Which TWO ACTORS From The Show THE GAME . . . Are Now DATING IN REAL LIFE!!! (Receipts INSIDE)

: has learned that an OFF-SCREEN ROMANCE has developed between two of the CAST MEMBERS of the hit BET show The Game - KELLY and BRYCE are a couple!! EXCLUSIVELY learned that actress Brittany Daniel and Jay Ellis are dating. According to our snitch, Kelly, who used to date actor/director Keenan Ivory Wayans had been PURSUING the much younger Jay for a few weeks . . . and now they're dating.

The insider explains, it's still early, but it looks like they're in love. got pics, below, of the two going FURNITURE SHOPPING together.

This is a EXCLUSIVE - if you're in the media and you STEAL it, we will NEVER link to your stories, nor credit you EVER again.


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