ANOTHER ONE!! White Man SHOOTS AND KILLS Unarmed BLACK TEEN . . . Because He Was MAD ABOUT ‘CRIME’ In His Neighborhood. . . And Might Not Serve ONE DAY In Prison! (DISTURBING Video)

: People – if you have a male child, be careful. Because FOX NEWS and other right wing places are RILING UP White folks so much – that they are MURDERING BLACK TEENAGERS with impunity.

Last year, a 77-year-old Milwalkee man named John Spooner shot and killed his neighbor, 13-year-old Darius Simmons. The RACIST John Spooner was the victim of several burglaries and believed Darius Simmons was involved with at least one of them.

So he confronted confronted Simmons with a gun as the teen was taking out the garbage – and MURDERED THE BOY. Luckily the incident was videotaped – so the jury couldn’t pull a GEORGE ZIMMERMAN and pretend that the 13 year old CHILD was the aggressor. John Spooner was just CONVICTED of murder – but the court has YET TO DECIDE whether to send him to a MENTAL FACILITY instead of a prison. If they decide the man was “insane” he’ll go to a mental healthy facility instead of jail.

Here is the video, warning – it is GRAPHIC)