ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES DRAMA!!!! One Of The Ladies QUIT THE SHOW . . . Claims That She Was TOO CLASSY . . . For All The Ratchetness!!! (Warning SPOILER Alert)

: just got word form a TOP SECRET insider . . . that one of the Atlanta Housewives QUIT during the filming of this season . . . and it’s KIM!!

A producer of the show told that Kim, who is PREGNANT, was at an event where a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION broke out between two of the housewives – and Kim nearly got injured. That’s when, we’re told, that Kim called it QUITS. But get this . . . we’re told that Bravo is ‘EDITING” the scenes, and they may be removing that fight scene.

Kim reportedly called up Andy Cohen, and told him that she could not in good conscious be around that FOOLISHNESS while she was carrying a baby.

And so Kim will be REPLACED mid season . . . by another housewife, named Porsha Stewart – who is BLACK. So that’s right . .. as of MID-SEASON, the Atlanta Housewives will ALL be Black.

This is a EXCLUSIVE – you MUST credit us if you use this information in a news article.