BREAKING NEWS: Actor Clifton Powell Is Charged With BRUTAL . . . VIOLENT . . . RAPE!!!

: We have some very CRAZY NEWS . . . top African American actor CLIFTON POWELL is charged with RAPING a woman. A new Orleans woman who goes by the name Kiyante Myers says that she met Clifton and things started off fine – but then he turned into a VIOLENT RAPIST.

Here’s how TMZ is reporting it:

Myers claims she initially consented to sex with Powell … but when it turned rough, she asked him to stop … and he refused.

Instead, she claims, Powell placed his hands over her face and raped her.

WE know what you’re thinking . . . why didn’t she go to the police? Well according to TMZ, she DID … but they “didn’t feel there was enough evidence to prove Powell committed a crime.”

So she’s SUING him in federal court . . . for more than $75k.

See TMZ’s full story here!!