BREAKING NEWS: New Documents LEAKED . . . They Say That New York DJ FUNKMASTER FLEX Wife Filed A RESTRAINING ORDER Against Him!!!

: Dang . . . somebody is going HARD at our boy Funkmaster Flex. received an ANONYMOUS email this morning – with some SCANDALOUS revelations, about the end of Funkmaster Flex’ marriage.

According to the tipster, Flex is in the midst of a DIVORCE with his wife. And she’s claiming that Flex PUT HANDS on her. And the tipster offered proof. They sent in a copy of a RESTRAINING ORDER that Flex’ wife had against him.

But here’s where it gets BETTER. Whoever the tipster is . . . .they say that they’re gonna be leaking some 9-1-1 tapes pretty soon – of incident between Flex and his estranged wife – that are gonna be CRAZY.

What the FREAK???