CHRIS BROWN SPAZZES!!! Has A VIOLENT Breakdown After TV Interview . . . Breaks Glass . . . Takes Off His Shirt . . . Threatens People!! (Polce Investigating)

: Chris Brown’s rehabilitation of his image is OFFICIALLY OVER. learned that this morning, Chris Brown had a VIOLENT OUTBREAK in the offices of Good Morning America.

It all started when GMA reporter ROBIN ROBERTS asked him about the Rihanna incident. Chris tried to brush it off, but Robin, who felt the situation was “serious” wouldn’t let it go.

Anyways, Chris managed to struggle through the interview. But when it was over learned that Chris THREATENED show producers. He ripped off his shirt and threw a chair at a window – breaking the glass. The shattered glass fell onto a CROWDED New York street, where passers by COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. Luckily it doesn’t appear that anyone was injured.

After Chris violent outbreak, the singer ran onto the NYC streets – flanked by his bodyguards. As of 9:56 AM is told that the NYC POLICE are looking into the matter and would like to bring Chris Brown in for QUESTIONING>

As of right now, it looks like Breezy is getting ARRESTED!!! We’ve been TRYING to ride with Chris, but it’s now clear that dude has SERIOUS ISSUES. He was given his second chance . . . now it may be time to LOCK THIS DUDE UP!!!!

UPDATE: 11:48 ET. According to a NYPD source, police have opened up an INVESTIGATION into the incident at GMA offices today.

Shout To TMZ, they’re all over this story also

Here is the video:

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