Christian Minister Receives NO JAIL TIME . . . After MOLESTING Dozens Of CONFUSED Boys . . . The Pastor Told Them He Would ‘RAPE THE GAY OUT OF THEM’!!

: A 31 year old Iowa pastor named Brent Girouex will not serve ANY jail time after he confessed to police that he had sex with at least four boys. Since Brent’s confession, at least eight OTHER young men claim to have been violated by the the now-former pastor of Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

So why won’t he spend any time in jail . . . you WON’T BELIEVE THIS. Police say that Pastor Brent thought he could rape away the gay by “praying while he had sexual contact” with his victims in an effort to keep them “sexually pure” for God. He then allegedly told police that “when they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind.”

Pastor Brent, a married father of four, was sentenced to five years probation and mandatory sexual offender treatment. He is not expected to spend ONE DAY in jail.