DIVORCE DRAMA!!!! Newlywed Tyrese Gibson Is Going Through A NASTY DIVORCE … His Ex Sounds Like SHE MEANS BUSINESS!!

: MediaTakeOut.com was the first news source in the world to tell you that in 2007 Tyrese Gibson married his longtime girlfriend Norma Mitchell. Well now, they’re going through a divorce – and it’s about to get REAL UGLY.

Apparently, Norma is unhappy with Tyrese paying her only $8,500 in support – so she’s taken him to COURT. Here are a few DIRECT QUOTES from the legal documents Norma filed against Tyrese:

  • When [Tyrese] and I met, I was an unemployed college student living in London at home with my mother. From the moment we met, Tyrese showered her with expensive gifts, getaways and unlimited access to his credit cards to purchase whatever I wanted.
  • After dating for about one year, [Tyrese] asked my parents permission to move me to the United States to live with him. They consented. So, in 2003, off we went to America with [Tyrese] paying all the costs and expenses associated with my international move.
  • In mid-2006, I became pregnant with our daughter, Shayla … [Tyrese] and I discussed getting married, as we are now a family. In anticipation of the wedding, [Tyrese] demanded that I sign a prenuptial agreement.
  • I was a single mother with no home, job or money other than what [Tyrese] provided. I was living in a foreign country on a traveler’s visa – how could I possibly imagine that only 10 months after our marriage [Tyrese] would file for divorce and cut me adrift.
  • Currently, [Tyrese] pays me $5,000 per month, in addition to paying the rent for the [Los Angeles] apartment ($2,600 per month) and my automobile lease charge (an $800 a month Land Rover). As set forth in my income and expense declaration, my monthly expenses far exceed the sum of $5,000. At times, I have to borrow funds from the few friends I have locally in order to buy groceries and diapers
  • [Tyrese] always required that I regularly buy Shayla new, expensive dresses, outfits and other clothing. In fact, he prefers not to see Shayla in the same outfit twice. A full outfit for Shayla costs more than $350.00. Shayla’s shoes are $100.00 per pair, and are purchased frequently as [Tyrese] doesn’t like Shayla to wear scuffed shoes, despite her young age and that she is still learning to walk. In addition, Shayla’s grooming supplies cost over $250.00 a month.
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    This chick is WAAAAAAAY over the top … and y’all know how we feel about OVER THE TOP CHICKS. Norma Girl … why don’t you give us a call .. we may have A LOT to talk about!!.