: Looks like Ashy lipped actor Malik Yoba’s been acting up. Here’s what one of MediaTakeOut.com’s faithful readers saw him doing:

I just finished doing a play by the name of Gossip, Secrets and Lies.I work behind the scenes so I see firsthand what’s going on. On our opening night in Houston a few weeks ago, Malik Yoba was angry at his female co star Tondalaya (from Making The Band 2) or Tondi as we call her. She plays the lead role and this was his first time going up as her husband in the show. Initially he was playing another smaller role – but the actor who played her husband had to leave.

Anyway, Malik and Tondi already were butting heads because Malik (AKA, Mr Know-It-All) kept trying to tell her what to do with her character on stage. When she [politely refused] to take his advice, he got offended.

On opening night, Malik [spazzed out and told] Tondi that if she didn’t do what he said, he would [refuse to take the stage]. Tondi was basically like – well I won’t change what I’ve been doing this whole tour to satisfy him. Malik ended up going up last minute.

But he would get her back. In the last scene Malik threw fake “cocaine” in Tondi’s face and eyes on purpose. Then he left her on stage to finish the scene by herself! The audience thought that was part of the scene – but it wasn’t..

Everyone backstage was horrified and Malik came off of the stage all nervous. Lisa Raye Misick, who’s also in the play, confronted him and he came up with some lame excuse saying he didn’t know the bag was open and quickly left the building not finishing the show (even though he still had another scene left).

Tondi was the real pro because she finished the show and then came off the stage ready to kick ass. But Malik was a coward and left.

Malik, you better give us a shout and straighten this out. Cause you soundin’ like a real BEE-YOTCH right about now…