EXPLOSIVE ALLEGATIONS!!! Rapper Khia Suggests That Jermaine Dupri Is ON THE DOWN LOW And His Relationship With Janet Is A FRAUD!!!

: It’s been a while since MediaTakeOut.com had a chance to report to you the latest ramblings of rapper Khia. We;; – now it appears that old girl is poppin’ off at the mouth again. This time against Jermaine Dupri.

Here’s her latest rant on Why Khia believes that Jermaine is “hating on her”:

It’s because you DIDN’T sign me, after I had already proven to you that I can sell records!!!! Is it because I am not little like BOW WOW??? Is it because I don’t wear my pants backwards with my boxers showing like Kriss-Kross??????…..

You are Michael Jackson’s little sister’s boyfriend!!!!!! Is Chris Stokes your cousin??? Now dats the REAL disappointment!!!!! Are you gonna join Janet at the Jungle dis weekend, the hot GAY bar in Atlanta?? If so, I will see you then!!!! SOUND OFF…….

And Noooooooo…… I don’t wanna buy no DAMN BOY SCOUT COOKIES!!!! It’s something funny bout GROWN men running around with little boys in uniforms….. Tell Janet to lay off the HUSTLER and COCO DORM SEX Tapes!!!!!

Another man is beating YOUR TIME!!! Give it to em raw and RINSE dat strap off………Now run and tell dat!!!!!!

Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!

This never gets old….