EXPLOSIVE!!! Lawsuit Alleges That Wendy Williams’ Husband Involved In MURDER PLOT Against Rival DJ!!!

: MediaTakeOut.com just caught wind of a SHOCKING lawsuit being filed against the nations top rated radio personality Wendy Williams. As you’ll recall, Wendy’s longtime talent booker Nicole Spence is in the midst of a sexual harassment employment dispute against Wendy and WBLS, the radio station where she’s employed.

Now Nicole has launched a MULTI-MILLION dollar lawsuit against Wendy. And in the lawsuit she makes some EXPLOSIVE claims. The lawsuit, which alleges facts that have yet to be proven says that Wendy’s husband tried to hire a hitman to murder rival radio DJ Miss Jones. Here’s how the NY Post is reporting it:

Kevin Hunter tried to hire a hit man to take out Hot 97 DJ Miss Jones after she dissed WBLS shock jock Williams, says the suit, filed in Manhattan federal court.

He begged a former WBLS worker to “help him find someone to kill . . . Tarsha Jones . . . because he was apparently angry over some comments that Miss Jones made about his wife on the air,” claims the sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by Williams’ talent booker, Nicole Spence.

Williams then approached the same worker – and asked for help to find a killer to [murder] her own husband, the suit alleges.

“The office is run by street gangster tactics,” the legal papers said.

Now you know that we here at MediaTakeOut.com have a little insider insight on this here. So here’s our take on this.

First off, why would Wendy (or her husband) put out a hit out on another radio personality. People have been talking sideways about her for years – why is she all of a sudden gonna go out and do something crazy like that. The Wendy that we know and love never takes sideways talk too seriously, she just takes it – and puts it where – back there.

Second, Wendy has WAAAAAAAAAY bigger ratings than any other radio personality in the country. She’s built a brand out of herself despite everyone in the business trying to hold her back. Do ya think she’d really jeopardize all that she’s built over some other chick talkin’ slick about her…

Third, if this is true, how come no one called the police??? Ain’t it a crime to hire a hitman???? Why is it that the first time we’re hearing about this is in the court papers for a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

And finally – are we the only one that finds it suspicious that the claims are coming out just a few weeks before Wendy launches her new TV talk show???