EXPLOSIVE TELL ALL!!! Pepa (From Salt N Pepa) Claims That Treach (From Naughty By Nature) USED TO BEAT HER!!!

: We already told you guys that Sandy Denton, AKA Pepa from the group Salt N Pepa is coming out with a new autobiography – well apparently she’s not holding back. MediaTakeOut.com just caught wind that in Pepa’s new Tell-All book, she talks openly about the way that her former husband Treach (from the group Naughty By Nature) used to beat her.

Here’s how she described it to Essence magazine:

Interviewer: You detail your stormy marriage to Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss, from Naughty by Nature, and the years of abuse he put you through. Have you ever had an opportunity to talk to him, post-divorce, about how it affected you?

PEPA: No, and honestly, he’s the one person I’m nervous about reading this, but I had to do it. How do I not tell that part of my life story? This book is not so much about my abuse, but my road to recovery.

Interviewer: For years, there had been industry whisperings about you and Treach’s tumultuous marriage. Has he ever reached out to you to apologize?

PEPA: No, and I want to make it clear it is what it is. From what I know, people grow and that might have been who he was in the past. I can’t speak for who he is now. Hopefully, this was then. He really is a great father to his kids. I don’t want to make him out to be the bad guy. Again, the real story I wanted to tell is more about why I allowed these things to happen to me.

Interviewer: That’s truly a blessing. In your book you say that your decision to change your patterns with abusive relationships had to do with your son, Tyran, and Egypt, your daughter with Treach. Did they ever witness the physical abuse and question you about it?

PEPA: No, never physical, but they were often present during yelling and screaming matches. People forget that verbal abuse is equally unhealthy. My kids used to see me crying and depressed all the time, and that can affect kids as well.

You know, we suspected something like this was going on in their marriage. Thankfully she got out of it….