GUESS The DOWNLOW CELEBS … Hiding In Hip Hop Author Tries To Hide Their Identity … But It Seems PRETTY OBVIOUS

: One of’s faithful put together some excerpts from Terrence Dean’s new book Hiding in Hip Hop. Here’s what our reader said:

Me and several of my friends have been researching info on Terrance Dean’s new book, “Hiding in Hip Hop”. I have several excerpts from the book I feel you guys should post.

From reading these excerpts me and my friends already have a pretty good idea of whom he could be talking about BUT I’m sure for the others, some of the fans will help to reveal the others.

I’m personally offended and pissed because these men are lying to their families and their fans. I dont have anything against anyone homosexual but I have everything against fakeness and dishonesty.

I hope u guys use my information to help educate and inform your readers.

And without futher ado, here are the items – and the staff’s guesses:

“Lucas,” a megastar. No matter what film project he was attached to it was bound to be a box office smash,” and Kareem, “a leading sitcom actor, is married to an actress.” The film crew took bets on “how often Lucas’s ‘boyfriend’ Kareem would show up and how long he would stay. It was like clockwork; Kareem arrived each day at the same time and went straight to the trailer for hours on end. Our circle was talking about the down low circle Lucas and Kareem were in. But it was a hard nut to crack; they were superstars.”

Our guess – Lucas is initials W.S. and Kareem is initials D.M. Easy …

Eli was a force to be reckoned with. He flew out the gate with his debut album and would become a mainstay in the ever-changing Hip Hop industry, where many rappers are one-hit wonders. He has been hailed as one of the greatest rappers to bless the mic. Up until that moment I had never heard anything remotely close about the rapper being gay. Eli was a burgeoning superstar who parlayed his marketability into television and movie credits. He even had a promising clothing line. But every man’s got needs and Eli’s needed tending to.”

Our guess – initials F.C. Not sure whether we believe this one – but hey, anything is possible in the biz.

Jazz, “a nice looking brother, had women swooning when his character as a hard-working, married man graced the television screen. His hit show marked a milestone because of its accurate portrayal of African-American family life. The world doesn’t want to know that their favorite actor likes sleeping with other men.”

Our guess – initials B.C. Oh My!! We ain’t never heard that about him …

Gus, a singer, attractive with “clear skin, dark eyes, bushy eyebrows, and short, wavy hair did not give way for a thug image. He was just too pretty.” “One morning, I turned on my television and I wasn’t prepared for what I saw on BET- my boy, Gus, parade in his video with a host of celebrity cameos mean mugging for the camera- I just wondered how he would keep his secret of sleeping with men a secret.”

Our guess – initials G – no last initial. How he doin’????

What do you think????